Monster Numbers

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Monster Numbers can be installed for free in Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 8.

There are 18 levels and 8 math exercises freely available with no time limit. If you enjoyed Monster Numbers, you have the option to buy 18 more levels and 5 new tests.



Fun Math Games
Adapts to your age
Multiply, divide an more!!


Children from ages 4 and 5 (Kindergarten) will find age appropriate games to match their maturing level in mathematics:, counting coins, , logical sequence,, number recognition, , association quantity and numbers (1-9) counting, addition, , subtraction..

Children ages 6 and 7 (first grade and second grade of elementary) practice math activities: counting numbers (tallying), additions without regrouping, subtraction (with coins), and subsequently subtraction without regrouping.

From age 8 to 9 (third grade and fourth grade of elementary school) the math game consists of:: mental arithmetic sums of two-digit numbers,mental math subtractions, times tables (learn to multiply), multiplication, and sequences .

From age 10 (fifth and sixth grade of elementary school and Middle School) the math game consists of: mental arithmetic additions (with regrouping), subtraction (with regrouping), times tables and division. They’ll live an exciting adventure all while learning.!!

You won’t be disappointed!!!! it's free!!

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